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We at Sallam Insurance (SI) willing to identify your risks, advise what cover you need and can find you competitive deals with reliable insurers in Local Egyptian Market and in the International Market if deemed necessary.

We at Sallam Insurance (SI) are here to assist Business Organizations and Individuals in assessment of their risk exposure. Drawing the Clients needed Insurance Program, Finding the suitable Insurers and Best Quotations in addition to negotiating best Deals of placement Insurance Coverage on Behalf of our clients and of course handling their potential Claims.

We at Sallam Insurance willing do revise your contractual obligations from Insurance, Liability and Indemnity prospects.

We at Sallam Insurance have the necessary “Know How” of insurance in Local Egyptian domestic Market in addition to the neighborhood markets and the International Markets.

We can enhance your risk exposure by giving primary contractual assistance and advise about what sort of risks you may accept and what sort of risks you may seek your clients to maintain.

Despite our Specialty in Marine and in Particular Liability especially in the most Fragile, risky branch of Offshore Oil (Energy) Sector, we have a wide knowledge of all types of Insurance for Properties, Personnel and Liabilities such as General Comprehensive Liabilities (legal and Contractual), Contractor’s All Risks Coverage, Cargo Coverage, Equipment Coverage, Medical Coverage, Group Life Coverage ,,,, etc.

We SI are willing to give you the proper consultation,

If you are the Main Contractor; we can advise what you need to maintain and what your Subcontractor(s) should maintain.

If you are an Offshore Contractor we at SI are the one who can really assist in this high and risky field.

If you are constructing a project, we can draw your insurance program irrespective how large your project is, we can find you the insurance underwriters you need.

If you need to cover your Factory, your Workshop, or even your Personal Vehicles we are here and can assist.

If you are Professional Doctor, Lawyer, Consultant we know what insurance coverage you need to have.

If you are a Small Branch office of big company, or a Big Organization we can assist irrespective of your organization size.

If you are a Lending Bank, we can advise what sort of cover your borrower need to maintain and how you should protect your interest as mortgagee.

If you are a Ship-owner, working domestic or trading worldwide we at SI can assist in your Hull & Machinery, War Risks and your Protection and Indemnity needs.

If your Lenders ask about the insurance coverage you are maintaining, we also can assist.

Whatever you or your company are, however your insurance needs large, medium or small, we at Sallam Insurance are capable to assist efficiently and faithfully.

So Feel Free to contact us and see how much we can offer for you and your Business


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